4 Tax Programs to File Self-Employed Taxes Online (for Less than $100)

Learning to file self-employed taxes online may seem daunting at first. Especially if you don’t have any tax experience or much knowledge. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on saving money. In fact, you can easily create systems for your business income and expense, while saving $500+ in tax filing fees. By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be able to file your … [Read more...]

How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Make $500 in 30 Days (Even as a Newbie)

Anyone can become a virtual assistant and get paid to do what they love. I’ve proven it! One of the first dollars I ever earned as an online business owner was by working for another entrepreneur as her Marketing Assistant. I helped promote her ebooks through researching and creating posts for guest blogging campaigns, creating landing pages for webinars, writing follow up email sequences … [Read more...]

H&R Block Tax Software 2018: Self-Employed Online Tax Filing Made Easy

Have you ever wished that you file your self-employed taxes online without the hassle of dealing with a complicated interface? Now you can with a great new option from H&R Block Tax Software! H&R Block recently rolled out a new Self-Employed Online Tax Filing option for small business owners and the self-employed. This is in addition to their Premium Tax Filing option that’s exclusively … [Read more...]

5 Insanely Simple Ways to Fix Your Finances (With a Money System)

Are you ready to fix your finances? In this post that’s exactly what I’m talking about! In the past I’ve talked about the business systems you need to take back your work day. And I’ve also explained the ten things you can do every week to automate and streamline your business. These are strategies you can put in place as way to reduce stress and gain more freedom as a business owner. … [Read more...]

Discover Bank Review 2018: Free Personal Banking for the Self-Employed

Finding an online bank that has the features you need to support your personal expenses and self-employed business is a huge deal. At the most basic level, you want free, easy-to-use, and a high-interest rate for your money to grow. This is why you need to check out Discover Bank’s suite of online accounts! Nope, they don’t just offer credit cards. Discover Bank has free, no-hassle savings and … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Life by Tracking Every Tiny Business Expense

Improving your life as a small business owner starts by making small but positive changes. There are so many aspects of our lives that need to be taken care of: health, financial, social, personal and business. Some days it can feel overwhelming trying to balance everything and still find enjoyment in your work. One of the aspects I’ve learned to successfully control is business finances, and … [Read more...]

FreshBooks Review 2018: Try Cloud Accounting Software Free for 60 Days

No matter what type of business you’ve built it’s vital you find accounting software that keeps tracks of your business income and expenses. And that’s where FreshBooks comes in! Over the years, FreshBooks has offered many different iterations of their software. The great thing though is that compared to other complicated accounting programs (like QuickBooks or Xero) FreshBooks offers a … [Read more...]

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing and Amazon (Without a Blog)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Amazon Influencers. All opinions are 100% mine. Can you really make money with affiliate marketing without a blog? Yes! And there are actually a lot of options to do so. Affiliate marketing is basically a referral program that allows you to recommend certain products, tools, or software, and earn a commission from anyone who buys using your … [Read more...]

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