How to Be More Patient (For Impatient People)

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m impatient. Is this good or bad? (especially as an entrepreneur) The answer might surprise you… First, let’s make one thing clear: When I have an idea for a new video, I want it filmed. YESTERDAY. If I need a graphic for a new article, I’ll give my designer exactly 27 seconds to find the perfect image. (Sorry, Craig.) So, yeah. Patience is not my biggest … [Read more...]

How to Be More Productive: My 10 Best Tips

I’m 99% useless, but that 1% when I’m not, I’m dangerous. Here’s how I stay productive. #1 What It Really Means When You Say “I’m Busy” I’ll start with an infamous Derek Halpern rant… The FIRST step to being more productive is this: Eliminate the word “busy” from your vocabulary. Here’s why: #2 Get Macro-Focused Being more productive means: Getting more done in less time. The … [Read more...]

How to Give a Perfect Handshake: The 20 Do’s And Don’ts

When a handshake fails, things can get awkward quickly… And since you only get ONE chance at a first impression, here’s how to shake hands – the right way. Why Handshakes Matter Handshakes are a crucial part of your first impression. Handshakes even affect the outcome of negotiations. That’s why I collected the best tips from body language and business etiquette experts… and put … [Read more...]

The First (And Last) Thing You Should Do When You Negotiate

There are two things you MUST do in every negotiation. One at the very beginning, one at the very end… Why Negotiate at All? Negotiations are weird. You (think you) know what they want. They (think they) know what you want. And if the goal is to make a deal… …somehow you need to get to the space in the middle: Win-win Zone: The space in the middle But how? The problem is: Sometimes … [Read more...]

7 Clever Tricks That Will Make You a Better Negotiator

How can you improve your negotiation skills even if you HATE to negotiate? Here 7 of my best tips to help you get what you want… #1 Ask Yourself These 2 Questions… You might think that in order to negotiate better you have to strong-arm people. Like… You walk into the room and DEMAND to get a better deal. Ummm… no. There’s no clever thing you can say to “force” anyone to do anything. … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Take More Breaks (And How to Do It)

Ahh!! The last couple of months have been CRAZY busy… So, I stopped taking breaks because I thought I could get MORE done. The problem? My productivity completely tanked. Something needed to change. And I had a lot of questions… Like, how do breaks help or hurt your productivity? How do you take an effective break? Here’s what I found… Taking a break = being lazy? I used to believe … [Read more...]

How to Stop People From Exploiting Your Return Policy

If you sell physical products online, there’s nothing more frustrating than customer returns. Best case, it’s just annoying. For you AND for your customers. Worst case… You have to deal with people that EXPLOIT your policies. These people have no intention of buying. It’s borderline stealing. The good news is: I just read interesting new research that may help you reduce customer returns by … [Read more...]

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