Good News For Affiliates Previously Affected by Nexus

GREAT news for affiliate marketers in States previously excluded by Amazon Associates. In an email I received today, I learned that as of February 1st, Associates residing in Missouri, Rhode Island and Vermont will now be able to participate in the program. Woohoo! It’s not great news for Amazon customers, as in at least 10 states they will begin paying sales taxes on their website purchases … [Read more...]

How To Start A Clothing Line From Scratch

If you’re even remotely into fashion, the idea of starting a clothing line has most likely crossed your mind. This is generally followed by a flood of questions, including how you’re going to get suppliers? What is your brand going to look like? And of course, how much money will this cost? However, if you can believe it or not, starting a clothing line can be one of the most … [Read more...]

Clickbank Whitelist Invitation: Can You Spot the Problem?

A few days ago, I received a Clickbank Whitelist invitation with the subject line, “You’ve Been Added to a ClickBank Affiliate Whitelist”. Receiving a Clickbank whitelist invitation to promote a Clickbank vendor’s product means that the vendor doesn’t allow just anyone to promote their product. They’ve searched through successful affiliates on Clickbank and … [Read more...]

Turn Clients Into SEO Allies, Social Media Image Guide, Guide To Google Analytics, Speedlink 39:2018

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Are your clients your allies in SEO, or are they passive spectators? Could they even be inadvertently working against you? A better understanding of expectations, goals, and strategy by everyone involved can improve your client relations, provide extra clarity, and reduce the number of times you’re asked to “just SEO a site. In … [Read more...]

Clickbank Product: Was the Problem Solved?

I asked readers if they could spot the problem with a Clickbank product for which I’d received an affiliate whitelist invitation in my “Clickbank Whitelist Invitation: Can You Spot the Problem?” post. Everyone was asked to leave a comment on the article if they saw an issue with the product mentioned. Boy, you folks are smart! You picked up on more issues than the one that caused … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Ecommerce SEO

If you have a business, you’ve probably heard the term E-commerce SEO at some point or another. However, you may be confused as to what it is and whether or not your company could actually benefit from it. Here is a little bit more information about E-commerce SEO and whether or not it can be beneficial for your business. What Is Ecommerce SEO Learning about SEO is crucial for any business, … [Read more...]

Basics to Borrowing Cash: Types of Loans and Best Options for You

There are some things in life that you want but couldn’t possibly afford outright like a house, car, or business. There are other things in life that you need, but due to a variety of factors, can’t afford to pay for upfront, like an emergency home or car repair. In any of these circumstances, there are loans at your disposal. Loans provide access to cash to afford those things you … [Read more...]

7 Reasons I Ditched Your Pitch

I get pitched several times a day, every day, by writers and SEO ‘specialists’ who want to “help me improve the visibility” of my various blogs. Granted, with thousands of visitors per day, I wasn’t aware that my blogs had a problem with visibility, but OK, I’ll bite to see what they are offering.:-) Sadly (for them), I ditch their pitch for one (or many) very … [Read more...]

The Rules Of Link Building, Create a Messenger Bot Sequence, Are Breadcrumbs Important For SEO, Speedlink 29:2018

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Are you building links the right way? Or are you still subscribing to outdated practices? Britney Muller clarifies which link building tactics still matter and which are a waste of time (or downright harmful) in today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday. The Rules of Link Building – Whiteboard Friday How to Create a Messenger Bot … [Read more...]

Wedding Dress Affiliate Programs: For Better or Worse?

The wedding dress is not a prerequisite to a wedding, but tradition and culture typically dictate the bride to wear a specific garment to the ceremony. In Western countries, that usually means a white wedding dress, while many Eastern nations require brides to wear traditional costumes. Brides and mothers of the bride tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to wedding dresses, as nothing is … [Read more...]

How to Fix Broken Scroll Links in StudioPress Themes

I wouldn’t have known that there were broken scroll links on my Affiliate Blogger PRO site, if not for an email with the subject line “I KEEP PRESSING THE SIGN-UP BUTTON! ARE others having this problem?!”. Sure enough, when I tested the scroll links on the homepage, none of them were working – which doesn’t bode well, especially folks can’t get to your purchase … [Read more...]

Reputation Management SEO, Increase CTR With Emojis, Facebook Advertising Guide for Marketers, Speedlink 30:2018

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. A searcher’s first experience with your brand happens on Google’s SERPs — not your website. Having the ability to influence their organic first impression can go a long way toward improving both customer perception of your brand and conversion rates. In the Whiteboard Friday video below, Rand takes us through the inherent … [Read more...]

Credit Card Affiliate Programs: Hefty Profit or Major Loss?

The rise of online stores, mobile phones, and computer savvy shoppers has led to people becoming more comfortable making online purchases. The move away from traditional retail stores to ecommerce has also seen an increase in demand for credit and debit cards. These cards that were once the preserve of the rich and famous are now essential to everyone who wants to do online shopping. While this … [Read more...]

Why iStock vs. Free Stock

Are you looking for a better way to grab your audience’s attention? Get the impact you need though visuals – images, videos, illustrations, and even simple vectors can make webpages, documents, and presentations exciting and more interesting. If you’re not a professional photographer or illustrator, don’t worry, it can be free or easy, or top quality and easy, the choice is up to you, but I … [Read more...]

Business Funding without the Banks: Alternative Lenders and Capital Opportunities

The excitement for launching a startup starts to fizzle the moment you’re denied bank funding. Suddenly, you’re at a scrambled because your dreams of entrepreneurship begin to fade. Or, you’re left troubled knowing initial orders rolled in but there’s no way you can satisfy them because you’re lacking capital. These problems exist for established businesses, too. … [Read more...]

Amazon FBA: How To Sell On Amazon As A Complete Newbie (Using This 4-Step System)

If someone came up to you and said: “Hey, want me to run your business? I’ve got millions of customers, and they’re all yours for free. Whaddya say?” What would you reply? I’d laugh right in their face. “No way. Not buying it this time, dude.” Do you really think I was born yesterday? In what world does someone offer you a million customers and ask to run … [Read more...]

Amazon OneLink: Monetize Global Traffic with Just One Affiliate Link

Amazon OneLink allows affiliates to monetize their sites’ traffic from the U.K., Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and neighboring countries all with just one text link. OneLink automatically re-directs your international visitors to their country’s Amazon store to complete their purchase and you earn the commission on the sale. So, if you are an Amazon affiliate who is … [Read more...]

5 Easy Website Optimization Tests Anyone Can Run

You can spend hours or even days slaving over the layout, code, and setup of your new website. After all that hard work, perhaps the last thing you want to do is to double and triple check your work on a variety of devices. Unfortunately, that may need to be the case. Depending upon how you set up your website and who built it, various computers and internet-connected devices across the world will … [Read more...]

$20K Per Day ECom Secrets

Hi everyone, Here is the free eBook I promised you, called "20K Per Day eCom Secrets - 5 Simple Steps To Building Your Profitable eCommerce Business" Click here to download Usually access to Adrian's "members only" training would normally be exclusive to his paying students, but today you're getting his new book for free. Don't miss out, this won't be available … [Read more...]

Guest Blogging Pitch Mistakes

Guest blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an expert your field and can bring more traffic to your blog through search engine optimization by increasing the number of inbound links to your site. But, only if your guest blogging pitch succeeds in getting your guest posts accepted. I receive numerous guest blogging requests each and every day, and I’m sad to say that 99% of the … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization Statistics 2018 [Infographic]

Over the past decade, there have been several big updates regarding the methods used for getting the best out of search engine optimization. Keeping up with these updates is essential as billions of searches are performed by consumers each month. In fact, over 3.5 billion searches occur every day, and over 1.2 trillion searches happen per year. Even though Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu might be growing … [Read more...]

How To Start A Blog: 4 Easy Steps

Learning how to start a blog is 10x easier than it was in 2006 – when Affilorama was created. If you’re not savvy with website creation – and hate HTML - you’re going to love this post. Check out our four steps on how to start a blog. Why you should start a blog Before we jump into the meat of this post, it’s important you ask yourself: “What is the goal of my … [Read more...]

Do’s And Dont’s of Press Releases

Press Releases are official statements given to newspapers containing information about a particular matter. Businesses use this as tool of marketing and it does work. But only if you do it right. That’s why we are going to talk about do’s and don’ts of press releases for all kinds of businesses and blogs. Do’s of Press Releases Create a catchy headline: You got that press release published … [Read more...]

Why youtube marketing is Important?

YouTube Marketing is the most underutilized marketing tool at present. With billions of users and millions of views every day, youtube has become an encyclopaedia. More and more people are using videos to solve their problems, learn new things and for entertainment. If your business hasn’t started youtube marketing yet, you must begin NOW. Here are some important things you must know Youtube can … [Read more...]

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