M1 Finance Review: The Fee Free Robo-Advisor

As a long term investor, I do everything I can to ensure that my returns are as high as possible over the long haul. What sort of things am I doing to ensure that I come out ahead? I'm doing my best to keep my investments diversified, and keeping the costs for my investing low. Typically people can see fees, commissions, expense ratios and account costs eat into their end returns, and it doesn't … [Read more...]

UK Robo-advisors Who Offer a Junior ISA

While most UK robo-advisors now offer an adult Stocks and Shares ISA as a tax-efficient alternative to their General Investment accounts, many still do not offer a Junior ISA product. In fact, if we look at 4 of the most recognisable robo-advisors in the UK in Nutmeg, Moneyfarm, Scalable Capital and Wealthsimple, only one of them offer a Junior ISA product, but which one is it? Which UK … [Read more...]

Things You Should Know Before Trading in the Stock Market

Have you set any financial goals for yourself in the new year? Many individuals want to get better with their finances and use the New Year as a starting point for setting goals and accomplishing those dreams. If your money goal happened to be earning more income next year, one option might be to start investing in the stock market. Believe it or not, the stock market, when understood, can … [Read more...]

3 Guidelines For Trading In Blockchain

Historically, the stock market has been the single greatest source of long-term wealth creation. Investing in the stock market has always been a good idea because stocks generate an impressive annualized return even after you factor in inflation. In fact, many good investors have more than doubled their investments over the span of a decade. Still, while the stock market is a great way to build … [Read more...]

How to Get the Help you Need When Investing Abroad

Investing abroad can give some great returns, especially in this highly globalized economy. However, it’s also ridden with pitfalls, including everything from currency value shifts to cultural barriers such as language. Whether you’re planning to invest in stocks and shares or opt for something such as property instead, it’s important to get some assistance so that you can keep your global … [Read more...]

Three Things to Know about Divorce and Debt

Getting a divorce is hard enough, getting divorced when you are in debt can be positively devastating. Finances are a major point of contention for divorcing couples, most of them end up contacting the National Futures Association, a US regulatory agency, banned FXCM from membership after a divorce. Naturally, when debt is included in the picture, things can get messier than usual. It should be … [Read more...]

Why I’d Rather Pay $10,000 to Unload My House Than Become a Landlord

There are people out there who are made to be landlords. They like the idea of having someone else pay the mortgage on a home or apartment building and enjoying the ability to build equity on the property without using their own money. Once the property is paid off, the monthly rent is income (offset by the cost of taxes, insurance, and keeping the property up). I totally get why some people love … [Read more...]

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