SPI 327: How to Write Copy that Sells with Ray Edwards

CONTENT WARNING: You’re going to want to have a pen and paper handy for this one. Today we’re talking with Ray Edwards, a fan favorite from Episode 182 and Episode 300 and a member of my mastermind group. Today he’s going to teach us how to write copy that sells—written words that encourage readers to take action and result in profitable sales. Stick around! Knowing how to write … [Read more...]

SPI 324: From College Nerd to Wildly Successful Personal Brand with Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is a massively successful YouTuber and the creator of We’ve been friends for a while, and this episode has been a long time coming. We’re sitting down to chat about how he built his brand, how he got into the online business world, and the strategies, tips, tools, and tricks that he’s using to kill it on YouTube. If you’ve ever thought … [Read more...]

The “Simple” Secret Behind Copyblogger’s 8 Figure Business

What is the secret behind Copyblogger’s 9 straight years of growth? How has it been achieved without any outside investment, without sales people, and with close to zero advertising? Join Chris Garrett and Tony Clark as they talk about: The simple secret to success (and why it is not easy) What you need before you create your product The truth about real Minimum Viable Products, and the fatal trap … [Read more...]

A Simple Formula for Writing Super Clickable Button Copy

Is your call to action button copy clearly spelling out the action you want prospects to take? Image by Laineys Repertoire via Flickr. Successful landing pages tell stories that build in momentum and culminate with a super persuasive call to action. It doesn’t matter how awesome the rest of your landing page is – a poorly-written CTA button can bring all that conversion momentum to a halt. … [Read more...]

Your Social Media Campaigns Should Never Skip This One Step [PODCAST]

Are you putting your social media campaigns to the test? Image by timlewisnm via Flickr. On the surface, running a social media campaign seems relatively straightforward. Write your copy, create your assets, set up tracking and then queue it all up in your social media scheduling tool. Simple enough, right? But if you want to run social media campaigns that actually move the needle for your … [Read more...]

Retargeting, As Explained by Nerf Guns [PODCAST]

Here’s how to get better at retargeting, as explained by Nerf Guns. Image by Jake Sutton via Flickr. Sometimes, your landing page visitors aren’t quite ready to convert. At least not yet. And that’s all right. There isn’t much you can do to convince people who simply need more time, but there is a lot you can do to remind them that you exist and gently nudge them toward … [Read more...]

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