Is a Reverse Mortgage Really Good for Your Retirement?

You’ve seen the commercials on television. There are even well known celebrities touting them, but is a reverse mortgage really good for your retirement? Most would argue it is; some would argue it isn’t. It boils down to your current financial situation and whether the reverse loan would benefit your retirement finances and savings. The best way to determine if this option is right for you is to … [Read more...]

How This Couple Was Able to Retire Early After Just 15 Years of Saving

Do you think you need 30 years of saving to make your retirement happen? Do you think you need to make a lot of money? Or know what the best stocks are to invest in each year? Of course not! I’m a huge fan of early retirement stories of the everyday-man; stories that prove that good-ole fashioned saving, simple investing, and living within your means CAN and WILL provide you with not just the … [Read more...]

How to Become a Millionaire – The Simple Way to Save $1,000,000

Admit it – you’ve probably asked yourself “How do I become a millionaire?” more than once in your life. Don’t be shy! With all the images of happiness and security we see associated with wealth, how could you (or most anyone) not. Regardless of what your actual financial goals are, the act of having a net worth of one million dollars or more is still heavily regarded as quite an accomplishment! In … [Read more...]

How Much Passive Income Will a Dollar Saved Today Buy Me in the Future?

Can you “buy” passive income? Of course you can!  Essentially this is the whole point of saving your money and stashing it away for financial freedom (or retirement). “A dollar saved is a dollar earned” … or so the old saying goes. But is this really true? How much is a dollar saved really worth in 10, 20, or even 30 years? Or to be even more practical, how much financial freedom … [Read more...]

How to Retire By 55 (or Sooner) on a Salary of $50,000 or Less

If you’ve got dreams of retiring early by age 55 or sooner, then you’ll be very delighted to know: This is a goal that is definitely well within your reach! Believe it or not, our ability to reach financial independence is something that is completely dependent upon our own decisions. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, or any age.  If you want to make working … [Read more...]

Can Short-Term Finance Affect your Retirement?

After spending years working and putting aside money for your retirement, it can be worrying to think that any short-term finance that you have used in the past could have an effect on your future. Every month, thousands of people across the UK apply for a short-term loan. Apart from the possible short-term influence on your credit score, can short-term finance affect your retirement? And if so, … [Read more...]

How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement? The Incredibly Simple Answer

Whenever I first get talking to someone about personal finances, one of the first questions they have is: How much do I need to save for retirement? It’s a heavy question, I know! Save too little and you might end up having to go back to work when you don’t want to. But set your target too high, and you might end up working harder and saving longer than you really need to. Believe it … [Read more...]

How a Good Asset Allocation Model Can Impact Your Financial Future

Assets allocation is just not one of those topics that most people find particularly sexy.  Usually it’s the sort of thing that gets about as much attention as the instruction manual to your Blu-ray player. But as you’ll see below, it’s one of those parts of investing that you simply can’t ignore – largely because it can have a MAJOR effect on your finances and how long they ultimately last. The … [Read more...]

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